Changelog implemented

A changelog for DSV Play has been implemented to inform users about the changes made to the site in new versions. The changelog is accessible from the News page.

English user manuals now available

English user manuals for DSV Play is now available under the Help pages. Swedish user manuals are already available and both will be updated when new features are implemented.

Email notification available for DSV Staff

Email notification is now available for DSV Staff users when a video conversion is completed. To activate the service see the instructions in the DSV Play manual.

Help pages

Manuals on how to use DSV Play have been added to the link "help". Some manuals are only accessible for DSV staff when they log in to the site.

Currently the manuals are in Swedish.

Server update – Clear your browser cache!

If you experience problems with the video playback, for example:

* A black box instead of a video
* A still image with sound instead of a video

Clear your browser cache

Tutorials on how to clear your cache (use at your own risk):
In Swedish
In English

New design

In order to make DSV play more appealing to it's viewers we have implemented a new design. This means that navigation on the site is slightly different. If you for example want to check out some lectures belonging to a course, you need to select "Courses" in the menu. After doing that you can filter the lectures on the course you want in the drop down menu.